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Welcome to Southport Sharks Academy

Academy Program


The Southport Sharks Academy use video analysis in teaching skill development and game sense. Each academy participant will learn the fundamentals of football in a learning environment that delivers across several mediums. From the classroom to the field, all players are subject to understanding their body, nutrition, pre-hab, and the effects sport has on the body. Guest speakers will also attend throughout each academy season

Elite Skills

While becoming an elite athlete is the norm today in talent academy's, the Sharks Academy supports the learning of the fundamental skills. Often overlooked due to the importance of fitness in todays game, our participants will gain structured emphasis on skill based training. The kick is by far the most important skill in football, however it rarely is given the time in training to concentrate on the ball drop, the grip and positioning of the ball. Each fundamental skill is broken down and re trained to those that require specific skill maintenance.

Game Sense

AFL clubs have the use of vision from all angles of a ground on game day. The Sharks use drones and cameras around the play witch is broken down during pre training education sessions for class viewing each week. Understanding the flow of play, positioning, contact support and the effective use of voice and body, are pivotal in gaining more touches in the game. Each player has strengths and weaknesses, the Academy will help all players understand how to work themselves into the best possible role in any contest.


As one of our most popular bookable options, the Gym availability typically fills up fast—so make sure you book today to catch the day you’re looking for! And don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

2018 Sharks Academy

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