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Match Day Rules fo 2020 released

Amendments under COVID-19 to AFL Queensland State Junior Football

Rules & Regulations 2020.

AFLQ has released the amendments for the 2020 season and forthcoming return to play, starting from July 10 for our Junior teams and July 17 for our Youth teams. There are some significant changes to game day operations and how we will go about 'game days'. In order to help everyone understand the changes, we have compiled the key changes for you here so all members are well informed.

1.8 Number of players in a match

The maximum number of players allowed on the playing surface at any time is as


(i) SEQ Junior Competition

All Youth Competitions - 16

U15 & U17 Youth Girls - 16

U13 Youth Girls - 12

In all Youth competitions, where both teams have 20 or more players listed on the

team sheet, the maximum number of players allowed on the playing surface at any

time will increase to 18 for the match.

The minimum number of players in a team is as follows:

All Youth Competitions - 12

U15 & U17 Youth Girls - 12

U13 Youth Girls - 9

1.9 Multiple teams in an age group / competition (rule 4.2.5)

All teams nominated by the club in the same competition in the same age group

must be graded equally

1.11 Match

On match day, all teams are required "Get in, Play & Get Out". Team Managers

must ensure that teams arrive on time, are ready to play, and are encouraged to

Leave immediately following the completion of a match.

Spectators are not permitted to enter the field of play at any time.

2.1 FOOTY4FUN Arm Bands (Zone Football) Boys & Girls

Arm bands are not permitted to be worn. Player numbers will remain the same for zone

in Footy for fun teams (not including U11 Boys who play 3/4 field)

2.2 Water Bottles (NEW Rule 5.7)

During a match, players may place their water bottles over the boundary line (against

the fence if available or at least 1.5 metres from the boundary line) in the vicinity of

their position. Players must retrieve their own water bottles as and when required.

Under no circumstances may any player handle another player's water bottle.

2.3 Team Officials during match

(a) COACH (1 required), Assistant Coach (1 permitted)

(b) Team Manager (1 required)

(c) Goal umpire

Applies: U11 Mixed, Youth Age groups (1 required)

Applies: U8, U9, U10 & U11 Girls (1 Optional)

Officials not permitted in 2020

(a) Team Runner

(b) Water Carriers

2.4 Home Club match day requirements

Changerooms must be kept locked at all times on match day. Teams are not permitted

to enter change rooms, before, during or after a match.

Coaches and team mangers will be sent the full list of changes to understand for the

season but we hope this will give you some answers to how the Club will run in 2020

Reference - Amendments under COVID-19 to AFLQ State Junior Football Rules & Regulations.

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