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Sharks Working Bee

On Saturday the 6th of June, the Junior Club had a working be with just 20 people as per the Coved restrictions. In an effort to meet all health protocols, the Management Committee enlisted volunteers to clean and sanitise all common areas of the club including a complete overhaul of the club house, canteen, merchandise room, club change rooms on both ovals, the umpires room, Coaches boxes, Scoreboards and all common area's of the club grounds. A fairly large task given how many people were allowed to help.

All area's have been sanitised as a starting base to get the club as safe and clean as possible. You will notice the Coaching box's and first aid area's have all been taped off as well.

Spida Everitt took control of the wash down on gurney duties, claiming everything in his path. Walls, tables, chairs, railings, concrete and occasionally anyone who got in his way.

Everyone else put the gloves on and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. All surfaces were cleaned and then sanitised again.

The Ken Mathews Junior Club House also received its fair share of time after many years of flooding. Maintenance carried out by our Committee members have now sealed the flooding problem and allowed our volunteers to exit any sign of mould, mud and dirt. Everyone was proud of the result and topped it of with some donated furniture to get it back to a clean working condition.

The canteen was stripped bare, with all parts of the canteen outside, everything inside was washed down and scrubbed. When finished a drying sanitiser agent was sprayed on before resetting the area for use once again. The good news is that we will be open the canteen for the season in some capacity. Given our main source of income is derived from the canteen and merchandise area of the club, we will be looking for support on game days to help raise some much needed funds this year as Covid 19 has been an expensive challenge.

We would like to thank all of our valued volunteers who attended our working bee and gave up their time to help our club get ready for the 2020 season. Parents, current players, Coaches, Team Managers, and Committee Members all worked flat out to get it done. You are all superstars and we can't thank you enough. This effort allowed the club to get back to training a week earlier than scheduled along with some long hours producing all the necessary documents to comply with State Government regulations.

Please help out where you can this year and we thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding. Let's get back to footy and enjoy our kids running around the fields again.

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